You can teach an “old” cat new tricks.

At Critteraid we are always talking about patience, consistency, and giving things time. We are so happy to announce a huge improvement in one special cat’s life.

Today, we introduce you to Ari (left) who came into the life of one of our amazing volunteers after she heard about her story. She was heartbroken after learning that Ari needed a forever home and was 12 years old, knowing that this would make it a lot harder for her to find a home. She swooped the scared and nervous Ari into her arms and gave her all the love and care this world has to offer. When it came time to introduce Ari to Sweetie (right) it didn’t go well…she’d go after her, hiss, attack the gate or anyone near her as it took her hours to calm down & let anyone near her again.

7 months later and everyone at Critteraid is celebrating with the proud mama & this amazing success. All the work she’s put in and the help she’s gotten from the vet is paying off and the real Ari is starting to reveal herself.

In her own words:

“So when she walked up to me and sat on my lap with sweetie right next to me, without hissing or growling it made me so happy. I have been waiting for 7 months for a moment like this. There is still a lot work ahead but this just gives me so much hope

We can’t wait for the next update of how this amazing girl is doing! She may be 12 years old but that doesn’t stop this girl from loving her mama, learning new ways to behave, and being an amazing companion. Way to go Ari and mama!! We couldn’t be more happy and excited for this next chapter in your family’s life!!


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