Arriving this morning (approx 10am) at PetSmart in Penticton!

You heard it here first!

He’s handsome, loveable, friendly, and polite. Who am I speaking of? Prince Charming of course.

This sweet young (6 months) man will charm you right from the start with his muted orange coat to that cute nose of his. He will quickly warm his way into your heart while bunting his head into yours and caressing his tail around your calf as he follows you around the house as you do your household chores. His name truly says it all and he is waiting to meet his forever love of a lifetime!

This sweet boy loves attention and would be best suited for a family or someone who is able to give him lots of love and attention. He has been friends with a smaller dog before and it is predicted that he would make friends with other friendly pets.

His loving mom has given him everything he needs to make his next castle a home, will your castle be the match?

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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