💙 Zsa Zsa and Socks Adoption Update!

“Just wanted to send along a Hello, and thank you and an update on Socks and Zsa Zsa.

All is going well except that Zsa Zsa is the maniac and mischief maker and Socks is surprisingly quite mellow. 🙂 They are getting on well – no prolonged cuddles yet but some ‘kisses’ have been observed. 🙂

Last night (our second night) we decided not to put them in their separate rooms for the night and see what would happen if we gave them the run of the house. Well, we all ended up sharing the same bed for the night. 🙂 Not sure if Zsa Zsa actually slept or just bounced between Albert, Socks and I.

Thank you for making this happen and for giving so much of your time to save and help all these wonderful animals.

If you are ever in Kelowna and want to say Hello to Socks and Zsa Zsa, just let me know. I am sure Socks would love to see you!

I have attached some photos.
All the best.”

 Photo 4 Photo 2 Photo 1 Photo 5

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