Arizona’s Prayer!

Dear God,
I was born on the streets of downtown Penticton and had a mommy that was a long time stray. She was mistreated and consequently very shy and wary of people. This meant that I would never be shown that people can be amazing and that they have the ability of providing me with a loving home.

I was rescued and it was found out that my mom passed on a virus to me that could be easily passed on to other cats. Despite what was found out; CRITTERAID DID NOT GIVE UP ON ME! They put a plan in place just for me; their volunteers have been working with me for many months to help socialize me (it’s been a slow process but I’m starting to learn to love and trust thanks to them).

The “only” thing keeping me from a forever home is that Critteraid has to find the perfect match for me (I know you are out there). The virus I have, most likely will stay dormant in my body for a very, very long time. Which means that I am a perfectly normal kitty and can lead a normal life full of love and companionship. The catch is that it would have to be a one cat home (I could get used to other dogs IF I had to). I adore treats and love to play with a laser pen!

If you have a deep passion for animals, then CRITTERAID wants you to know that putting in the time and effort with a shy girl like me is one of the most rewarding things you could ever experience. It is worth every minute! If you would like to find out more information about me, please call Jess (Critteraid Animal Director) at 250-488-3226.

If you want to see more of me live and “in action” click the following video links (I’m super cute):

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Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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