The Critteraid 2015 AGM will be taking place on September 17, 2015, at the Penticton Lakeside Resort, at 6:00pm.


Due to an error in procedure at the 2014 AGM, listed below are five Proposed Resolutions that will be put forward to the Membership. By recommending these Proposed Resolutions be added in to the Critteraid (The Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) By-Laws, it is our hope that future Boards will have an easier time of preparing for an Annual General Meeting of the membership. Please note that these proposed Resolutions, if passed, would not be in effect until the 2016 AGM.

Resolution #1 – MEMBERSHIP:
Membership for Critteraid (the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) shall be from the 1st day of the month that application and payment is received and continue for 12 consecutive months and shall be separated as follows for dues:

  • Individual: $15.00 per year (1 vote)
  • Senior/Student: $10.00 per year (Senior: Age 65+/ qualified by being registered with an education facility as a student) (1 vote)
  • Family: $20.00 per year (1 vote)
  • Corporate: $25.00 per year (1 vote)

Resolution #2 – VOTING:
Members in good standing of Critteraid (the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) shall have the following voting allotment:

  • Individual: (1 vote)
  • Senior/Student: (1 vote)
  • Family: (1 vote)
  • Corporate: (1 vote)

Resolution #3 – MEMBERSHIP:
Application for Membership for Critteraid (the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) shall be directed to the Membership Secretary who will, in turn, bring said applications forward to the Directors at the next regular monthly meeting for approval by the majority of Directors.

Resolution #4 – VOTING:
In order for a Member in good standing to vote at a General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting, the Member must have approved Membership from the Board of Directors no less than thirty (30) days prior to any General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting.

Nominations for Directors for Critteraid (the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) shall be made by a Critteraid (the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society) Member in good standing, in writing, and submitted to the Nominating Committee comprised of the President, the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer no later than thirty (30) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

We are always short of Directors to carry on the work within Critteraid and within our By-Laws we are permitted 10 Directors. Our structure is as follows:
• President
• Vice-President
• Secretary (Administration)
• Treasurer
• Director Cat Sanctuary Operations
• Director Pasture Animals
• Director Education
• Director Fundraising
• Director Maintenance
• Director Dog House Division
• Director CDART

Presently, while we have a doubling up of undertakings by some Directors and some portfolios vacant, we will be spending this next year re-evaluating this workload. Anyone interested in becoming a Director with Critteraid, should get in touch with Deborah Silk, President for a discussion. Individuals are invited to attend the Directors’ monthly meetings held on the last Tuesday of each month, upstairs at the Critteraid Charity Thrift Shoppe. Please call ahead to 250-809-7152, or email info@critteraid for directions.


For the AGM itself, we sincerely hope that many of you will attend. The number of members attending any organization’s AGM is significant, especially when it comes to granting organizations funding. To entice you further, we will be handing out door prizes and providing you with a glass of water!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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