by Cheryl, Deb and Heather

Mary Trim, CDART South West Assistant Coordinator, died on October 8th, 2014, after having been recently diagnosed with cancer. She leaves behind two brothers and their families and a most beautiful Paint horse, named Tobi. As well, she leaves behind a myriad of friends, team mates, colleagues and acquaintances, all of whom were better having known her.

In September of 2014, Mary was given the news that her August test results showed that she had cancer. As a result, she methodically started “getting her things in order”, which included ensuring that Tobi’s future would be fine. Over that month, she rode when she can. Starting when she was diagnosed with MS and she found it progressively more difficult to dismount, she even taught Tobi how to go back to the box so that she could get off easier. And she chuckled when she saw other riders with Tobi who were delivered by him to the box, when he had had enough of them.

Mary was the ponderer, the doer, the getter, the payer. She was not the action figure with the cape who flashed in and saved the day and then left when all was well. She was that person who would ensure that things got done….that stuff happened. The difficult 2:00a.m. shift on checking cat traps – Mary! She was the one who kept things on track.

At her funeral, we heard how she had a wonderful relationship with a wee dog named Maverick. Now, Mary wasn’t that keen on wee dogs, but Maverick and she developed a bond. Mary and Maverick even attended seminars and workshops together. When Maverick’s family had to go away, it was Aunty Mary who turned into the nanny. So much so that when Maverick had great difficulty navigating her hardwood floors, she simply went into action and purchased runner mats so that he could get everywhere in her house with ease.

She bettered and upgraded her skills constantly. She worked for certificates in Dog Training, Horsemanship, Disaster Preparedness, as well as kept current with humanitarian and environmental issues. Animal Safety and Education were tops on Mary’s list and she tirelessly worked trade shows and helped developed curriculum to aid others in their quests to do better. She even loaned Tobi for emergency equine handling!

She stood tall at fundraising events when others were not able to step up, she attended Workshops on both sides of the border and India, and she would always arrange to transport animals in urgent need, without fanfare. She had such empathy for animals and for people struggling with animals.

Most would describe Mary as quiet. She was probably the most humble person we have ever met. She lived her life full and by example, showed others how to live – bravo Mary!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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