We are very sad to advise you all that Lucy died on Sunday, November 2nd, 2014. Dr. Kaplan and his staff went to great lengths to help her rally, but in the end, Lucy’s body could no longer respond to what she may have wanted to do. He diagnosed Lucy with an autoimmune disorder of the brain. The accident on the scooter was likely the result of issues that she had already been having and after extensive conversations with Eyvonne, they had determined that Lucy was likely presenting some symptoms before anybody realized that they were, indeed, signs of gravity.

Eyvonne is inconsolable as any of you can imagine. Lucy has been her friend and companion, her love, her reason for getting up in the morning. When anybody mourns the loss of their beloved companion, the grief is unfathomable. Friends are committed to making efforts to check in with Eyvonne regularly and to also give her the time and the space that she will need to get her head around this. For those of you reading this update, if you can help financially, donations can be sent to Critteraid marked “for Lucy’s veterinary bill”. The hospital has been extremely generous already and Eyvonne is making regular monthly payments. But the costs are simply too much to bear for Eyvonne to handle alone. We are brainstorming some ideas amongst ourselves as to how to do some fundraising and we will post those as they are firmed up.

Lucy the Assistance Dog

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