~ by Theresa Nolet ~

I received a phone call a few days ago regarding a starving horse in the Oliver, British Columbia area. I found him on the roadway, basically just a walking skeleton. I approached him calmly and he just let me walk right up to him and slip a halter on. The lady who reported him to me was with me, as well as another friend. We had to walk him a 1/4-mile to where it would be safe to load him in a trailer.

At first he was walking very well and we all commented that he had a nice gait. Very soon, however, he started to drag the tips of his back feet. We stopped to let him rest and fed him a small bit of grass hay that we had brought with us. When we continued he was soon dragging his back feet. We stopped again for a rest. On the final short portion of the walk, his back end was swaying and I thought, “Oh no, please do not fall down.”

He made it. While we waited for the trailer to arrive, it started to rain. I had some clothes to take for donation and I dug through the bag and came up with two coats and a house coat, which we draped over him to keep him a little warm. He seemed to appreciate it. When the trailer came he just hopped right in.

I was going to take him to the Critteraid farm but since he was so weak I was afraid that he would not endure the hour-and-a-half ride. Ken McRae from Oliver was the person who had agreed to pick him up so he said we could take him to his place and put him in his box stall, which is what we did. The vet came to check him and by that time we had him in his stall with a nice warm blanket on. When Ken removed the blanket, the vet swore in surprise.

However, after an examination, the vet said for his condition he had good lungs, good gut sounds and he does have a heart murmer, but felt that was not too big of a concern. We have to feed him frequent small meals, so if anyone if from the Oliver area could help us out with him while he stays at Ken’s, please contact me.

We have named him Briarwood.

I went to check on him yesterday, and he is alert and talking! He is hanging his head over the stall door now to watch what is going on out in the yard. I took him for a short walk to let him get some fresh air and sunshine but he stumbled as he is still weak. I let him have just a nibble of grass.

Also Dawn and company checked him over carefully for ticks and found quite a few, so they have all been pulled off now. The vet does not want us to treat him for ticks as his system is too weak.

I will check on him again tomorrow, but he seems to be improving already. Keep him in your prayers as he has a long way to go yet.

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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