Happy news today. Anastasia has finally had her foal, and both mother and daughter are doing fine. When we picked Anastasia and Arundel up from Kamloops stockyards on March 8th, it was obvious that Anastasia was heavy with foal. We were concerned that she was very close to her due date and are so grateful to her foster mom, Carmen, who took her in. However she had a mind of her own as to when she was going to have that baby and kept us waiting for almost TWO months!

Anastasia is going to be a great mom. When I was there to see the new baby, approximately 4 hours after her birth, Anastasia would not let her out of her sight. It is so touching to watch this new life try out her new found freedom and experience stretching out those LONG legs of hers! She was still a bit wobbly. When the baby was practicing running in circles, Anastasia never took her eyes off her, backing up to keep her in sight.

She is a beautiful bay with white markings on her face and is a big girl. She is going to be a heart stealer for sure! I know she has already stolen mine!

If you would like to contribute to supporting Anastasia and her new baby, donations are gratefully accepted, and tax receipts will be issued. Just imagine, if it had not been for Minister Steve Thomson’s decision, these beautiful animals would have ended up on a plate beside the mashed potatoes overseas. Thank goodness for Mr. Thomson’s moral strength in making the right decision and turning these horses over to Critteraid. Please help ensure that Critteraid is able to continue their work to rescue British Columbia’s wild horses and give generously.

Baby Aurora is only 4 hours old in this video. Thank you to Honourable Steve Thomson, Minister of Natural Resource Operations, Province of BC, who allowed the horses to be rescued, instead of turned over to auction for slaughter.

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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