This has been a crazy two weeks for Project Equus. We scrambled to get Anastasia moved because we were so sure she was going to have her foal any day. And, as of April 25, she is still pregnant! She has a wonderful foster home and we will let everyone know as soon as she has that baby!

Atticus is also in a foster home, with people who want to adopt him, so if everything works out he will have a loving family to call his own very soon!

Abercrombie and his Mom, Avalon, along with Aragorn, all went together to be fostered by a very generous Jackie Shay, who runs Shay Acres in Kelowna. Thank you Jackie and staff!

Abercrombie has moved into the “big boys” room now and shares accommodation with Aragorn. His mom is just across the lane in her own paddock, which I think she is enjoying as it was time for her boy to be weaned. Abercrombie is very friendly now, almost too friendly, as he wants to investigate everything you are doing! This is great to see that he is being the curious youngster that he should be, with no fear of people. He really needs someone to help to advance his training, so if anyone lives in Kelowna and would be interested in helping with him, or any of the others, please let us know. Volunteers working with the horses must be a member of BC Horse Council for insurance purposes.

So, presently, everyone is in foster homes but we are still looking for those “forever” homes for these wonderful horses. If you think you have room in your heart and pasture, please call or email today for more information!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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