The ladies arrived last week and were trailered directly to our trainer in Cawston, Darryl Gibb. Our retrieval team consisted of Theresa, Sue and Lorraine and they were pleased with how well the mares handled the journey to their temporary “home”. The older mare, Arundel, is halter trained and it was astonishing to see her poor body was covered in ticks. Upon arrival at Darryl’s, they got to work removing the blood sucking parasites and Arundel actually dozed off during the process. She is comfortable with people and it must have felt pretty good getting those blighters off of her flesh. Veterinarian, Dr. Henry Kleinhofmeyer, estimates Arundel at around 22 years. She is gentle and soft and it is our wish for her that somebody comes forward to want to give her a fine, easy life, full of love and attention and comforts that she has obviously not known.

Anastasia is an absolute vision, stunningly beautiful like a Kindrie Grove painting. She will likely foal within the month. This latest part of her life must be such a dream for her, not having to forage for food and travel to and from different water sources. She is spirited and totally aware of everything around her. Getting her trust will have to be earned and Darryl is the perfect man for that job.

Two days later, Theresa headed back up to Kamloops with her team and came home with Avalon the mare, Aragorn the stallion and Abercrombie the colt. Avalon and Abergrombie are paints and Aragorn is a bay. What a fine group of horses they are.

Vet exams were completed this week on everyone and all were vaccinated with the exception of Anastasia because she is so close to foaling. They’ve all been dewormed. Dr. Kleinhofmeyer gelded Atticus and Aragorn, but little Abercrombie is cryptorchid which means that one of his testicles has not yet dropped. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the testicle will descend on it’s own over the next four months and that he won’t require an expensive surgery. Sadly, with many of the wild horses in British Columbia, that gene is out there and it is not uncommon to have to deal with that problem.

Arundel and Atticus will be going to foster homes this weekend and we will have updates of that for you next week.

We want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have sent in donations. They are being processed and your tax receipts will be sent real soon. Please post our updates wherever you can as the more people who are aware of Project Equus, the more people who will come forward and help. That means more lives being saved.

We continue to progress with our Birth Control portion of Project Equus and at the very least will have the first four mares in the program darted in April. Cataloguing started today with Dolly Kruger, the gal we sent to Montana for training under Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick. Exciting times.

It is our hope that the next generation of horse lovers will be able to visit the wild horses of British Columbia and that the herds will be able to be managed and maintained. Heaven knows, we need more volunteers, more good people wanting horses permanently and more good people wanting to foster horses for us. And lots more money, too. What the heck, we’re going for it!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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