Just met with Theresa to download film and photos of bringing Arundel and Anastasia down from Kamloops. Anastasia is definitely pregnant, too early to tell about Arundel. Arundel is tame and a wonderful horse. Theresa, Sue and Lorraine took over 40 ticks off of her and she was so relaxed she actually slept as they pulled those blood suckers off.

Anastasia seems spirited and both mares are incredibly beautiful. Darryl already started working with them as soon as they were unloaded. I think they know that they are safe. But for Anastasia, she is still a wild horse and her mistrust will linger longer than Arundel’s will.For those of you who know Kindrie Grove’s work, Anastasia is like a Kindrie Grove painting. It’s hard not to cry when you see such beautiful beings.

Atticus is in amongst other horses now and will soon be placed in foster care after he is gelded next week. What a fantastic horse he is. All the qualities that you seek rolled into one.

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