The Basics

Age: 12 / 13  years young
Sex: Male
Medical: n/a

My name is Brownie and I love the ladies but am a real guy’s guy. I’m one cool dude looking for an awesome dude like you to give all my loving attention to. I am always ready for the big games and will cheer on all your favorite teams because they will of course be my favorite teams too. Not into sports, that’s okay too, I’m all for lounging on the couch with you while you play your video games or binge watch seasons of shows on Netflix. Need some help around the house? I’m your man. Bored and need someone to chat to? You’ve got a friend in me. Need a warm hug and some healing purrs? I’m your medicine man. You like naps? Oh boy, me too. Let’s get together and chat about how us two dudes can become lifetime buds.

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Adopt Brownie


January 30, 2017




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