This little dude was found in the dumpster at McDonalds Penticton. A kind soul picked him up and made a promise that he would find some help. Critteraid Animal Director went into emergency mode, bundled him up in her arms and never let go!

It has been determined that Paddy was so sick and malnourished that he would not have made it another night. As you can see in one of the photos that his liver was shutting down and he was turning yellow. We made sure he had a medical assessment along with the appropriate treatments and of course a ton of love. This guy certainly has spunk; we are happy to report that he is rallying big time and we have our fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. H has a slight “issue” with keeping his back end clean, so we made him a onesie out of a sock.

Padwick Sotheby

July 21, 2018


Padwick Sotheby