The Basics

Age: 7/8 years old
Sex: Male
Medical: Diabetes – no big deal once you get the hang of it


I am a social guy that’s kind hearted and generous. I believe in love and that spreading it around and showing those I care about is what love is all about. It truly is the best medicine.

Perfect Match

Someone who will appreciate all the love that I have to give and enjoy my good natured heart. The only things that I ask for in return is a nice brushing of my luxurious coat and for you to help me manage my diabetes. I am picky with who I get along with so I’d love to be the only feline love to welcome you home.

Ideal Date

After we brush each other’s hair, have a nice meal, we’d hang out and I’d show you what everyone has been chatting about.

Adopt Juniper


December 16, 2016




Available for Adoption, Cats