Harman Ranch
Harmon’s Colony

Feral cats are forgotten souls. We are on a mission to change this for cats in the Okanagan. To us, rescue is not a verb, it is a promise. We need our community's support to help us continue with this mission.

We were called to Oliver by the RDOS. The response team arrived to find multiple dilapidated structures on a forty acre property. Immediate cause for concern for the volunteers and the animals at the site were observed. Broken glass, rusting cars and out buildings falling upon themselves. The property has been a concern to the local RCMP as a known hot spot for criminal activity for a long time. With new property owners’ permission and the help of the RDOS we are helping the cats that have been abandoned on the site.

Most of these cats are in horrible condition. Hernias were observed on multiple cats, very visible wounds and injuries on others. All cats seen where emaciated and in distress. Volunteers set them up with safe shelter and food. Food and water will continue to be provided on site with volunteers monitoring the cats. Sadly one was trapped that was beyond saving by our vet.

At this point our volunteers are putting an action plan in place to have boots on site and animals out. We need your help to do this. The animals of this site will need medical attention and ongoing care. Estimated cost of care for cats on this site will be close to $3,000. We can't do this without your help. Each donation will go to help with vet costs, new blankets and bedding, food, and anything unforeseen at this moment directly related to their care. They will be given sanctuary with us.

In honour of the first cat trapped and the first ranch hand, we have named the colony in honour of the two of them.

Our sincerest thank you,

Critteraid, our critters and all our volunteers.

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Harman Ranch

May 10, 2018


Harman Ranch