Critteraid received Oliver Twist in 2010 When Forgotten Felines was raided. He was seized and given to Critteraid along with several other cats. No specific birth date was recorded for Oliver Twist and it has been estimated that he was born January 1st, 2008. He is a medium haired white cat with tabby patches. He is neutered and up to date with all his vaccines.

Oliver Twist is FIV+, a version of HIV for cats and he is bonded with another FIV+ cat named Chaucer. It is a difficult virus to transmit to other cats except for a deep bite from the infected cat into another cat’s muscle tissue. It has never been an issue at Critteraid and FIV+ cats will often live as long as an uninfected house cat. He is a very peaceful cat. He loves attention and he is affectionate to both cats and humans. Loves to rub up and groom his nearest friend and he enjoys being groomed and curled up with someone.

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Oliver Twist

November 4, 2016


Oliver Twist