Another successful adoption weekend! Thank you to everyone who came by and showed their support! Our beautiful girl, Maggie, even came by today to educate everyone about herself as well as to join in on the fun!!


Thank you so much to John Deak and Teresa Deak for inviting us to be participants in you’re amazing life saving gifts to the Vernon Fire Department. We were honoured to provide some models for the demonstrations of the oxygen masks. We also take comfort in knowing that many more wonderful and loved companions’ lives…


Good morning sunshine!! Let’s start the morning off right with a beautiful success story from Coral! “Hey guys I just wanted to give you an update on “Silk” who now goes by Nova (as in Supernova). She has had a very very slow and gradual building of trust but has really been enjoying her new…


“Honey I’m hommmmeeeeee.” ADOPTED!! And not even the best part! Felix and I were adopted together and we are sooooo happy! Congrats old boys. Welcome to happily ever after!! 💙


“My bags are packed I’m ready to go!!!”                                            ADOPTED!!! Yes ma’am the rumours are true I’m going home with Brownie and I am the luckiest guy in the world. We think so too Felix,…


Warning: You may experience an increase in blood pressure when looking at the photo below of one of our handsome dudes up for adoption…we cannot be held responsible for any decisions made for wanting to meet this man or adopt him as we have already fallen for him. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Shop till you drop! Come see our amazing team today at the Critteraid Charity Shoppe! We have stocked the shelves with many new items and as always our amazing staff is ready to help you with the search. 100% run by amazing volunteers!


It wasn’t just a good dream, Montgomery really IS available for adoption and probably the most lovely toothless wonder you will ever meet! Seniors like him have us swooning 💙


Well Montgomery may be sleeping but again we are up thinking about kitties and how much we love cats and kitties and all of the fur babies and how much we want to help them!!! What better way than to get them matched into loving homes??!! (Yes ok we know volunteering, fostering, fundraising, donating are…


For those of you who can’t sleep and need something to have sweet dreams about!! A montage of beautiful Lily photos to soothe you into slumber. Who knows maybe one of you will wake up tomorrow ready to bring her home!!

Registered Charity No: 89308-0770-RR0001 at the Summerland Cat Sanctuary Society

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